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interreligious dialogue

Dialogue between religions is the basis of coexistence between peoples and cultures: the "United States of the World" considers cultural and religious diversity a resource for the affirmation of shared values ​​...

In 1997, by organising the first Euro-Mediterranean Forum on Interreligious Dialogue in Naples - with the participation of over 1,000 delegates from 140 countries - the foundations were laid for an action developed in recent decades to promote independence between States and all religious denominations, which must be free before the laws of individual countries and have the full right to organise themselves according to their own statutes. Religious diversity is a resource for the affirmation of shared values, and dialogue between religions is fundamental for the coexistence of peoples and cultures: Pope Francis' participation in international meetings is an example and testimony.
Below are some of the most significant events held, including the “SUM Mediterranean Prize for interreligious dialogue”.

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