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art and creativity

The "United States of the World" promotes the arts and creativity, which with their language constitute the true antidote against the standardisation fuelled by globalisation ...

A globalisation lacking in governance and ethics of responsibility is the real problem today. The "United States of the World" promotes the protection, restoration and custody of the artistic, archaeological, cultural and monumental heritage inherited to pass it on to future generations. 
Many initiatives have been undertaken over more than thirty years: exhibitions, training schools, concerts, masters, workshops and other actions aimed at strengthening and promoting the value of creativity and the arts. The "Mario Molinari Academy", with the "House-museum" in Turin - is one of the autonomous sections of the "United States of the World" that deals with educating in "creativity and the use of "colours" to understand the 'true' and the 'beautiful' from an early age; the motto dedicated to children is "Let us live in colour".
Below are some of the most significant actions.

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