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Salesian Family

The Salesians of 140 countries support the "United States of the World": in the Naples headquarters are the World Oratory and the Don Bosco Chapel ...

Some 15,000 Salesians in 133 countries support - as founding members - the United States of the World. The spirit of Don Bosco is renewed in the Virtual Salesian Oratory, inaugurated in Naples in February 2017 by the Rector Major and representatives of the Salesians: a unique and fascinating experience through 12 emotional paths and a visit to the Chapel with the relic of the Saint of Youth
At a difficult time in our history, Don Bosco's message for the young and with the young is more relevant than ever and is the antidote against all forms of radicalism and fundamentalism, helping young people to become once again Producers of the future and Hunters of the positive.
The Virtual Salesian Oratory and the emotional paths are realised in collaboration with the Don Bosco General Directorate of Works, the Southern Salesian Province and Salesians all over the world.




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