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The elderly are increasing exponentially and are the custodians of our roots and an example for the young …

The "United States of the World" supports their presence in the various societies and in the world of work with special programmes - developed in various countries on the five continents - contributing to their protection, guaranteeing them equal dignity and protecting their right to receive a dignified and decent pension and adequate care.
The issue of the elderly and the reduction of the birth rate in western countries has been addressed in the various editions of the "World Peace Forum" organised in Naples and Marrakech to identify strategies and solutions to a problem that will develop in a consistent manner in the second half of the 21st century.
One of the solutions is to involve the elderly in development strategies to combine memory with modernity.
Many initiatives have been carried out since 1990 on behalf of the elderly people housed at the Museum of Peace - MAMT.


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