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join the SUM network

Join the SUM network of the "United States of the World": to become leading actors in a shared action that will be increasingly necessary to protect the Earth and maintain Peace ...

In the course of more than thirty years many are the organisms that have joined the network: from the Salesians of Don Bosco to the associations of civil society of 181 countries; from the Arab Maghreb House to the FMA - Sisters of Don Bosco; from the Maison des Alliances to the Maison de la Paix; from the Museum of Peace to the Caponnetto Foundation and so on for a long list.
Without these institutions, organisms and associations it would not have been possible to nourish the 20 thematic areas of the mission of the "United States of the World" and to root them in the territories.
Your support is precious and will continue to enrich and strengthen our action.