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Great Mediterranean

It represents all the countries that make up the "Greater Mediterranean" and precisely ...


The action of the "United States of the World" is aimed, as of today, at the realisation of the "Greater Mediterranean": a historical and strategic subject that also acts and develops in connection and interdependence with the countries of the Middle East, the Gulf and the Black Sea. To this end, it promotes international understanding by fostering knowledge of the identity, social and cultural realities that make up the Greater Mediterranean, while encouraging closer interaction to strengthen shared values and interests in respect of fundamental human rights and gender equality, in particular by developing intellectual cooperation and the training of human resources in multidisciplinary contexts.
All this work is based on the principle of equality, sovereignty and dignity of peoples and respect for pluralism, cultural diversity, fundamental human rights and democracy. So far, we have worked without sterile bureaucracy and all our resources have been used directly in the field: the large number of partnership agreements signed by the "United States of the World" and the "Fondazione Mediterraneo" with civil society partners and institutions participating in the various projects - as well as the quantity and quality of the actions carried out - are indicators of the strong impact achieved and the concrete results achieved.
The Mediterranean is an ancient geographical and political area, but it is also the representation today of the need for dialogue between cultures, peace, integration between innovation and tradition, individual rights and social solidarity.
Politics and civil society must provide adequate responses to this need through concrete actions.