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safeguarding creation

All peoples must guarantee the safeguarding and custody of our Common Home: the "United States of the World" works to affirm a shared feeling of respect and belonging to creation ...

Many men and women, religious men and women of various faiths have accompanied an action that has been addressed especially to young people and strengthened by the encyclical "Laudato sì - on the care of the common home" issued by Pope Francis on 24 May 2015: the themes addressed by the Pontiff - civil and political love, joy and peace, alliance between humanity and the environment, dialogue between politics and economics, planetary iniquity, ecological conversion, water, religions in dialogue with the sciences, lifestyles and others - were placed at the basis of the "Constitution of the United States of the World", which provides for fundamental rights and duties for the protection of Creation.
Many initiatives took place all over the world. A special remembrance goes to Sister Maria Pia Giudici and the Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz for their support for this indispensable action for the survival of humanity.


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