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justice and legality

The "United States of the World" works to ensure that justice legally protects fundamental rights: life, dignity, democracy, equality, freedom, security, freedom of thought and opinion, health ...

By organising numerous anti-Mafia "summits", it has been possible to affirm the values of justice and legality with unique examples from recent history, such as Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone.
Through a punctual and capillary action carried out with organisations adhering to the "United States of the World" - such as the Salesians and the Caponnetto Foundation - it has been possible to involve adolescents and young people in choral initiatives capable of conveying the value of justice and legality as fundamental elements of human coexistence through mutual respect capable of nurturing a coalition of shared values and interests.
Below are some of the main initiatives, including the "SUM Mediterranean Prize for legality".

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