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Academy for Ecological Conversion

It is the institution, an autonomous section of the "United States of the World", dedicated to the development of the "Ecological Conversion" programme ...

It is the institution, autonomous section, whose Statute has been signed by the promoters of a true and lasting action for the salvation of the earth: it constitutes the reference point for the Ecological Conversion area.
The main purpose refers  to the encyclical "Laudato sì" where Pope Francis points out that "the ecological conversion required to create a dynamism of lasting change is also a community conversion and involves various attitudes that combine to activate generous and tenderfilled care. In the first place it implies gratitude and gratuity, that is, a recognition of the world as a gift received from the Father's love…”
So many initiatives especially aimed at educating young people from their earliest years to under-stand that Ecological Conversion is a definitive life choice.