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Salim M. AlMalik with his wife Yousra Bint Hussain Al-Jazairi and daughter Lana visited the United States of the World and the Museum of Peace

H.E. Dr. Salim M. AlMalik - Director General of ICESCO (Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, with headquarters in Rabat) - visited the United States of the World with the Museum of Peace, a World Heritage Site.
Accompanied by his wife Dr. Yousra Bint Hussain Al-Jazairi and their daughter Lana, he visited the main emotional paths under the guidance of the Secretary-General Prof. Michele Capasso and Dr. Pia Molinari, Director of the Museum.
On this occasion, Dr. AlMalik expressed his deep appreciation for the lugo and the institutional, cultural, scientific and emotional value it represents.
In a subsequent letter of thanks, he emphasised the preciousness of the collections and the uniqueness of the site, which is a credit to the entire world.

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