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Abdelmaksoud Rachdi appointed United States Ambassador of the World

At the United States of the World headquarters in Naples, a ceremony was held to award the title of "Ambassador of the United States of the World" to Abdelmaksoud Rachdi.
Already in 2010, Rashdi had received the first Mediterranean Award given by the United States of the World to representatives of civil society, for his efforts in establishing the Chouala Association in Morocco and for his work for dialogue between Mediterranean civil societies and his commitment to peace and human rights.
The award was presented - together with the badge and sash - by the Secretary-General Prof. Michele Capasso, Dr. Pia Molinari and other members of the institution that today comprises 181 member countries and over 16,000 civil society organisations from all over the world: all of them, for the first time for an international institution, approved on 18 November 2022 the 'Constitution of the United States of the World' containing the Rights and Duties of the inhabitants of the planet.

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